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Vol. 18 No. 2 (2024): Advanced Logistic Systems - Theory and Practice
Published: 2024-07-19


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Logistics is a top field of the industrial science in our days so the education and research activities on this field play very important role in the advanced economical processes.

The Institute of Logistics of the University of Miskolc started the Advanced Logistic Systems journal in 2007 to present the results of the Institute and their international partners in a serially publication. The initiative was successful, during the years hundreds of papers from many countries were published in the journal.

As the quality and the number of the papers were continuously increasing year by year, the journal has reached a quality level, which means higher interest and requires some changings. From the year 2013 the Advanced Logistic Systems journal is one of the official publications of the University of Miskolc and are published in two issues pro year.

After this beginning, at this moment, the primary objective of the ALS journal is to present the new results of the researchers of higher education and research institutes from the central European countries on the logistics domain. We think that this opportunity can help the research institutes of the region to show their results and get more recognition for their work. Beside it, the journal delates the actual state and problems of the logistic processes of the central European industrial companies.

Of course, the ALS journal is open for all advanced logistics and materilas handling researches coming from any part of the World, because the new directions and results can help to develope the scientific excellence of the University of Miskolc in this field. We can accept papers related especially to materials handling systems design, industrial logistics solutions, optimization of logistic processes, etc.

The journal is registered in several journal databases (Google Scholar, Repec, Matarka, etc.) so the papers are appearing on many places of the internet.